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Why Evolve?

Education, transparency and service… we founded Evans Financial Partners on these pillars in March 2007. At the time, we were entering a fragmented industry. Brokers, agents, and salespeople created and sold products benefiting themselves over the people they served.

Yet, there was a small group of advisors breaking the mold and putting clients' needs first. Fast forward 10+ years and this group continues to push the financial services industry to evolve into like-minded professionals focused on unbiased advice over the bottom line.

Not only has our industry evolved, but the clients we serve have too. We started out helping a few families and businesses, but our services expanded as our clients' stories unfolded. 

The solo firm that was once Evans Financial Partners is now Evolve Advisor Group. We're still committed to education, transparency, and service—but now we have an entire team of professionals ready to cultivate the ever-evolving stories our clients are writing. Whether it's embarking on retirement, starting a 401(k) for employees, selling a business, or changing jobs, our team is committed to helping you navigate the ever-changing financial waters so you can live your best life starting now.


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