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Investment Management

Investment Management

Effective investment portfolios don’t just happen. At Evolve Advisor Group, we follow a disciplined process that is grounded in fundamental and quantitative research. We design and build portfolios to meet various objectives and risk tolerances, and subject our assumptions to constant testing and reevaluation, to help ensure we meet each of our clients’ unique needs.

Each of our portfolios has a target risk level defined in terms of the equity/fixed income mix. Based on our macro views, the portfolio risk may be tilted to mitigate downside risk or capture upside potential. Within asset classes, we also examine style factors, such as value and quality, as another source for potential return enhancement.

Our investment team closely monitors the everchanging economic, business and geopolitical landscape, enabling us to formulate timely macro views. These views are essential components of our investment outlook. 

We start due diligence by identifying representative indices for each selected asset class. Then we use qualitative and quantitative factors to identify suitable investment options. Our model portfolios include multiple fund managers, and selected funds are unaffiliated with Evolve Advisor Group.

Once asset allocation, macro considerations, due diligence and other assessments are complete, we create hypothetical portfolios and subject them to scenario testing. These tests help us eliminate biases such as overlapping holdings or undue complexities, and help ensure we are adhering to target allocations, risk tolerance, and investment objectives.

In a volatile world, a consistent, thoughtful approach to rebalancing helps clients stay the course within their risk tolerances. We use calendar-based rebalancing, and will rebalance as needed to keep a client’s asset allocation within designated thresholds. Special market conditions may call for dynamic rebalancing, as approved by the investment team.

Performance analysis and attribution are essential to ongoing portfolio oversight, and offer insight into potential future returns and non-systematic risks. This analysis feeds into our market outlook, asset allocations, and evaluation and selection of managers and investments.

Investment Management Services Cost

  • $0 - $2 Million: 1%
  • $2 Million - $5 Million: 0.75% 
  • $5 Million+: 0.25%

* An additional 0.205% platform fee is added on to cover all ticket charges due to trading (buys, sells, and rebalancing).
** Investment Management Fee is only billed on accounts directly managed by Evolve Advisor Group